Understanding Why Some Files Can Be Recovered But Others Cannot

At some point or other you may find yourself faced with the need to recover files that are lost. Typically this could happen for a number of reasons, and the most common are that you may have accidentally deleted the file, formatted the drive, or it is damaged and inoperable in some way.

The good news is that it is possible to carry out file recovery and try to restore your lost files. In conventional hard drives when files are ‘deleted’ they aren’t actually completely gone and still remain on your hard drive until they are overwritten, so with recovery software you can find them and restore them. That being said in some cases it may not be successful, or it may be able to restore some files but not others.

If some files can’t be recovered, it is likely that they have been overwritten, corrupted or the part of the hard drive that they are stored in has suffered physical damage.  In all three of these cases that would mean that the actual data is inaccessible or no longer present, and therefore cannot be restored.

That is why it is important that you take measures to try to minimize these risks so that the odds of being able to recover data are higher. To prevent Windows or other software from overwriting data, you should turn off your computer immediately. Similarly if your hard drive has suffered physical damage of any kind then you should ensure that it is powered off.

When you do eventually want to try to recover data from the hard drive you should take care about how you go about it so as to not accidentally overwrite or damage the hard drive further. Normally that means connecting the hard drive to a different PC so that data isn’t overwritten when it boots up or launches Windows. For hard drives that are damaged it can be trickier, and an expert may need to disassemble the hard drive in a clean room to avoid any further damage and replace some of its parts.

In any case you should know be aware of why file recovery is possible in some cases but not in others, as well as how to try to improve the odds that it works. Keep in mind that as much as there are some excellent recovery tools out there nowadays, some of the more advanced tools and techniques that experts can use may be able to provide even better results. Simply put if you can’t seem to recover your files by yourself and they are really important you should try seeing if an expert is able to fare any better.

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