The sundry applications of Anti-vibration mounts.

Apart from absorbing vibrations, anti-vibration mounts have several other applications in a machine which are meant to complement the functions of the machine and thus making the machine’s output more efficient and of the best quality. Different anti-vibration mount has various applications.

Applications of anti-vibration mounts.

  1. Cone mounts
  • Act as vibration and sound absorbers which is their primary purpose.
  • Used in static parts of vehicles, machines, and engines.
  • Also, serve as shock absorbers in some cases.
  1. Marine mount.
  • They are mostly used in marine vessels to reduce sounds and also to increase the lifespan of these machines.
  • Marine anti-vibration mounts are also used in rotating machines which produce a lot of vibrations and noise like water pumps, airplane engines, trains, marine-land units, industrial vehicles and machines among others.
  1. BRBX anti-vibration mounts
  • Act as shock absorbers in machines.
  • Mostly used as vibration absorbers in machines that produce high levels of vibrations.
  • BRBX also help reduce friction in machines and thus increasing the machine’s lifespan.
  • The BRBX anti-vibration mounts also act as noise absorbers and thus reduce noise pollution.
  • BRB anti-vibration mounts also have the same applications as BRBX anti-vibration machines.

 Factors to put into consideration when purchasing anti-vibration mounts.

  • Shock absorption capacity; an anti-vibration mount that absorbs almost all the vibration and can withstand high levels is always the best as its performance levels are very high, and so is its lifespan.
  • Quality; high-quality anti-vibration mounts are the most effective as they absorb all vibrations produced by machines and therefore also reduce noise pollution. Moreover, high-quality anti-vibration mounts also help increase the machine’s efficiency at work as well as increasing the machine’s lifespan.
  • Cost; just like other machines, the quality of anti-vibration mounts increases with increase in the price, and therefore the most expensive anti-vibration mounts are always the best.
  • Type of machine; different anti-vibration mounts are designed for machines, and therefore it is always advisable to check on the kind of anti-vibration mount before making purchases. In most cases, the names of different anti-vibration mounts are engraved on either the mount’s cap or on its basement.
  • Ability to withstand large amounts of the load; in most cases, the anti-vibration mount is sandwiched between two parts of the machine. Therefore, the anti-vibration mount should possess sufficient strength to with carrying the substantial portions of the machine on the load size;
  • The material used in making the anti-vibration mount. The best anti-vibration mounts are made from metals and rubber of high quality and one that cannot break or leak vibrations.
  • Size; the size of anti-vibration mounts always vary and thus one should be cautious when buying anti-vibration mounts. The size of every anti-vibration mount is engraved on either the cap or on the mount’s basement adjacent to the mount’s name.
  • Availability; when buying an anti-vibration mount, it is advisable to purchase one that is readily available which makes future purchases for replacement easy and very fast. Moreover, purchasing directly from the manufacturer or a known dealer is also advised to avoid purchasing a counterfeit anti-vibration mount.

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