Television Licensing Rules And Important Basics About It You Need To Know!

Today, almost every household, institution, or businesses having television or any kind of equipment that can receive television signal require a television license. A Television license basically acts as a certificate that presents that you have paid required fees to government and have contributed to cost of the public service broadcasting.

Little important information about Television licensing you should know

Public service broadcasting refers to the comprehensive television as well as radio services which are free to transmit the entertainment, educative, or informative programs that cater almost all members of community. These types of services are also expected to offer current affairs and news programmes.

However, with the digital switchover, it was decided that all the member states should stop broadcasting the analogue television. So, your analogue TV set require set-top box in order to receive the digital television. Therefore, you will need a TV license.

Rules that need to be followed

Even if your television and other equipment is broken and is not able to receive signal, it is regarded to be capable of being repaired. Therefore, it can receive signal and so you need to hold license for it. If you fail to produce sufficient evidence of TV license to the inspector, it can result in your court appearance.

However, you don’t require license to watch TV on your mobile phone or computer, but your computer shouldn’t be able to receive signal that is distributed by the conventional TV broadcasting networks. Such networks include aerial, satellite, cable, etc.

If you are tenant that is living in a rented accommodation having television, you are also needed to possess a TV license. This applies regardless of who owns television. The law clearly states that the person resident on premises and possess television set should have television license.

Now, if you are moving your home, it is advisable to get your license transferred to new address. You just need to bring your current license to the nearest post office along with the evidence of new address and your license will easily be updated accordingly. It should be noted that this service is mostly free of cost.

Now if your second or holiday home has a television capable of receiving the signals, then it should also have appropriate TV license. Failure to possess it may lead you to penalties.

The above were some of the most basic rules in terms of TV license. Make sure to be informed about it, so as to avoid any kind of penalties.

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