SEO in A Nutshell

What is SEO

Search engines have their unique way of ranking websites in a particular order of usefulness on their search results page. Any user who searched something on Google would get search results arranged in this manner. So, if a company wants to increase the number of visitors on its site, the best possible way to do this is to appear as the first result or at least on the first page of results when a search has been made. There are a few ways of doing this, such as advertising on the search engine by paying them for it, or taking the help of a SEO agency. The latter is better since the former would lead your potential customer to see you as an ad and ignore you.

The SEO or Search Engine Optimization service works by studying the search engine algorithm and then employing natural methods to make your site appear among the higher ranked ones.

How exactly does it work

SEO methods are of two types – white hat and black hat. White hat methods are what you want to rely on since the black hat methods could get your site banned from the search results altogether. White hat methods include:-

  • Getting Indexed

All search engines have their list of pre-indexed pages so that crawling or searching can be faster. One of the SEO methods is to first register the site in the search engine directory which is usually free. This will make web pages that were hard to find get found.

  • Increasing Prominence

Websites that are linked to by many other websites or by a few important websites that get a lot of visitors, show that they are important to the algorithm and appear at the top of the list.

  • Using Keywords

Another great method is to write content that features popular keywords which would show the algorithm that your site focuses on what people want giving it a priority on the results’ page.

These methods and some other great methods are what an SEO agency would provide best for your company. If you reside in Singapore for instance, Media one would be your choice to make your business skyrocket itswebviews, since they are the best SEO agency Singapore has.

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