Imitation – The Very First Teaching Technology

We frequently become complacent that technology evolves forever forward, rarely searching to practices and operations regarded as the most recent technology when they were young. Today the field of education is exploding with new technology to satisfy our altering knowledge of the best way we learn.

Yet whenever we read our students and trainees learn better by watching someone execute a task compared to what they do simply by studying how you can carry out the task, we’re being advised to reconsider what might have been the initial teaching technology within the good reputation for learning – imitation.

Most scientists would agree that when the brains in our ancestors increased big enough to start to learn to make use of tools to initiate the gradual procedure that would lean to mankind’s dominance, new stuff emerged. How can you transmit your learning to other people inside your group?

Nobody knows for several, but you can easily suppose imitation was the initial teaching technology. Whomever discovered using a bone like a club simply demonstrated other group people ways to use the bone like a tool? Early teachers were essentially early “subject material experts.”

Writing had not yet been invented so demonstration adopted by imitative practice was most likely the most well-liked, and possibly the only real, teaching technology of times. We are able to further speculate that practice sessions ongoing before the expert “passed” the beginner hunter as ready for that search. Following a search, did the expert provide feedback about how well the brand new hunter utilized the tool? Thinking about the truth that survival from the group in general was determined by effective hunts, the cool thing is that feedback was area of the learning process at that time.

As tools progressed, so did the abilities needed for their services. It requires more skill to deal with a thrusting spear of computer gives swing a golf club. Would you suppose individuals early teachers broke lower the performance from the entire skill into its component parts?

Would you suppose they first trained their charges how you can contain the spear correctly, adopted because when to thrust with maximum pressure? Would you suppose they demonstrated them the best way to create their legs where around the animal was a good option to strike?

It’s probable that this stuff happened over and over. Should you allow you to ultimately think about that as it were, you might agree that in certain areas not too much has altered concerning the core of methods we learn. Observe that much if not completely early learning was as a result of problems. Today we’re told to structure teaching content as well as we are able to into problem-solving approaches.

For early humans, relevant experience was the only real way of measuring the need for learning. Note early man didn’t learn how to draw cave works of art before he learned to search. Survival was probably the most relevant experience with all. Today we’re told older students and industrial trainees find learning difficult when they miss out on relevance between what they’re learning as well as their own existence experience.

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