6 things to know about Xiaomi Redmi 4A

Xiaomi has been one of the best-emerging companies, offering quality handsets for Smartphone. The best picked and significantly loved by the users, redmi 4A is one of the latest Smartphone in the best budget, with exceptional features and better support. Its functions of outstanding software and hardware, with a quad-core processor and Snapdragon feature, make it one of the most featured phones. Here are some of the latest insights which you must know, if you are looking to purchase Redmi 4a at Tata CLiQ.

  1. Manufactured in India

Under the regulations of the Indian Government, the Xiaomi Redmi 4A is completely made and manufactured in India. With two factories in India that launches and delivers this phone on a local basis, it makes it relatively easier for the users to purchase this handset in better and reduced price.

  1. Colour options

The redmi 4A comes in 3 different colours, which makes the variant more attractive and selective for the users. It comes in gold, grey, and the rose gold colours which look quite impressive. Alongside, Xiaomi has launched this handset in the exclusive red gold deviation in India, the first time ever. These colours of the phone are all available in the same price and the look of the phone offers appealing visual design to look at.

  1. Availability of the phone

The purchase of this phone is available on weekly sales that the professional websites offer. It is procured online from weekly sales, the same way one need to purchase the Redmi note 4. Plus, there is not much information available on this Smartphone sale to be conducted offline for the users, just as one can get the Redmi note 4 from the offline retail stores.

  1. Camera quality

On a reasonable budget, this phone is also preferred by a lot of buyers because of the attractive camera quality that it possesses. The front camera is 5MP for exclusive selfies, whereas the back camera is 13MP with flush. Alongside, this phone’s camera app has a set of appealing filters, which makes the phone, an even more reliable option for the photography loved users.

  1. Optimal life of the battery

With a perfect support of 3100 mAh battery, this handset is supportive of working for approximately more than a day on standby aspect. Its high performance makes t reliably fantastic for the users to enjoy watching their videos, films, games, other use of the latest apps, and so much more.

  1. Featured IR blaster

Into the price constant, by far, redmi 4a is the only Smartphone that has an appearing IR Blaster. This feature can be put to use as a remote device for the television system, ac, the dish TV or set top boxes, and much more. In a nutshell, this IR blaster can be used to control various other devices with the phone.

With optimal storage, featuring 2 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM, and external storage expandable up to 128 GB, the redmi 4a is one of the foremost choices for many buyers, who are looking for an affordable Smartphone.

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